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Fremont Ross, where amazing happens

I'm still in shock over both episodes. Just a couple days before Derrick gave me some delicious greens, and chatted me up about the great facility at the YMCA. People turned on me (temporarily) that I'd been really friendly and sharing with in past. We are all friendly again, 'cept for Derrick. (not his real name) Folks are friendly to him too. And that's good. In the poem, I tried to convey the onslaught of confusing blogreiswatam948 and my stunned silence during the fray. I'm still confused, But according to my therapist's notes, Derrick wages an attack on me out of nowhere intermittently. Since Derrick is a street person, knows five people on every block, I'm thinking about asking the DA if there is any connection between the stranger who body slammed me in to the street and Derrick. Marcy's Law allows me all kinds of info I haven't bothered to inquire about. The poem helped a little, but I see it's not clear to the reader. Thanks for reading, you guys.



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